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  1. Trace patterns onto wood,cut out, and sand well.
  2. Paint all pieces as shown, or in your choice of colors.
  3. Allow pieces to dry thoroughly.
  4. Sand along all edges very well, and also lightly along all other surfaces to achieve an aged appearance.
  5. See below for stamping directions and stamp sign board if desired. Let Dry.
  6. Add lettering to sign board and details to other pieces using the fine black paint pen or liner brush.
    Make sure the pen you are using is waterproof and will not smudge!
  7. Glue all pieces together as shown.
  8. Varnish entire project and allow sufficient drying time.
  9. Use the antiquing medium to enhance the rustic look, and add another coat of varnish to seal.
  10. Add bows if desired. That's It! Hang this one near your garden paradise!

    Helpful Tips and Suggestions:

    Wood Preparation: Choose a quality piece of wood. Sand all pieces completely to ensure there are no burs or rough edges.After painting, lightly sand all surfaces with a brown lunch bag or very fine grit sandpaper to remove the fuzz raised by acrylic paints.

    Transferring Patterns: Place carbon or graphite paper on bare prepared wood beneath pattern and trace carefully. Allow room between pieces for easier cutting. Don't rub the wood too much or it'll smudge!

    Antiquing: There are several antiquing mediums available - look for a waterbased formula in the color tones you like and follow the instructions carefully. Leave a little more medium in cracks and along edges for a more authentic look. Apply sparingly or generously, depending on the look you wish to achieve.

    Making a stamp: Cut out a square shape from a sheet of foam used for children's crafts. A makeup sponge also works well. Glue a small piece of dowel or a wooden spool to the back. Dip the stamp into paint, dabbing on paper to remove excess paint, and stamp the surface carefully. (Practice first to find theright pressure.) Sand well to even it out.

    Finishing: A waterbased clear varnish is recommended, in either a matte or semi-gloss finish. Follow the instructions carefully, apply it uniformly, and allow sufficient drying time between coats.For exterior projects we highly recommend keeping the finished item in a sheltered area away from winds, extreme temperatures and rain. Apply multiple coats of varnish or use a a sealant specifically designed for outdoor use to prolong the life of the product.

    Country Corner Crafts 2000

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