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Bunny Garden Stake
From the Garden Thyme Collection
Country Corner Crafts 2000

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  1. Trace patterns onto wood, cut out, drill any necessary holes, and sand well.
  2. Paint project in your choice of colors.
  3. Allow pieces to dry thoroughly.
  4. Sand along all edges very well, and also lightly along all other surfaces to achieve an aged appearance.
  5. Using a fine black pen add details. Add lettering to sign. (Make sure the pens are waterproof and will not smudge!)
  6. Tie raffia or yarn to Carrot tops through holes.
  7. Varnish entire project and allow sufficient drying time.
  8. Use the antiquing medium to enhance the rustic look, and add another coat of varnish to seal.
  9. Glue pieces together as shown in photo.
  10. Add country bows and buttons if desired.
  11. Attach to a stake (door shim, 2" wide strip with pointed end etc)

That’s it! Stick this one in your own country garden!